I Got My Cactus Fix

I finally got my cactus fix today. It turns out that the Embudito Trail is one of the trails that goes through the desert environment preferred by the beautiful Claret Cup cacti that I had remembered seeing when we visited Albuquerque in March of 2012. Oddly enough, I remember on the hike 2 years ago we were wearing shorts in March, but, today, when it’s already May, jackets and long pants were necessary.









As the Embudito Trail winds its way higher up into the mountains the Claret Cup cacti are left behind to be replaced with a forest environment. Some of the wildflowers we saw along this section of the trail we have learned to identify. Others we have yet to learn.

Western Wallflower
Western Wallflower
Heading higher up into the mountains.
Heading higher up into the mountains.


View of Albuquerque
View of Albuquerque
Rock where we stopped for lunch.
Rock where we stopped for lunch.
Ponderosa Pine
Unidentified white flower
Golden Smoke along trail
Franciscan Bluebell
Creeping Mahonia



Thistle. These grow down in the lower elevations. Another prickly plant with surprisingly pretty flowers, but no comparison to the Claret Cup cacti.


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