History of this site

I started writing blog posts to this site in 2012 when we moved to Albuquerque. It was a way for me to share photos and descriptions of the hikes and other retirement activities that we were enjoying. After 5 years I found that I was posting less often. For special occasions I sometimes will write a blog, but more often I have been using pages to periodically summarize our activities.

Pages vs Blog Posts

When I create a blog post on the site WordPress sends it as an email to anyone who has entered their email address in the box at the bottom of this page. Then those who are interested in seeing the posts don’t need to keep checking back here to find out if anything is new.

On the other hand, pages that I create don’t get emailed out. I like to use pages as a way to help me organize and keep track of what we have been doing. Sometimes I compile a group of related blog posts into a page and reorder it to make a chronological story. Most of these can be found using the menu categories.

Finding the Blog Posts

If you have not signed up to receive blog posts by email you can find them on the Blog Posts page. The Blog Archives page may be used to quickly access individual pages that contain all the posts from a particular month in the years 2014-2019.

Recently I have started using Categories in the blog posts.  This will give me a way to organize them by topics and have them appear in the menu categories.

One thought on “About”

  1. Barbara, the week or so in Twentynine palms was definitely a great time. Hanging out with you, Lee, Tanner, and Ruth was so much fun. From all the outdoor activities to the games at night to all the fun meals in between it was easily one of my favorite trips ever. Thank you for the memories, as well as putting those memories here to revisit.

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