June 2018

This year the occasion of our visit to Oregon was Emma’s high school graduation.

Besides the graduation ceremony and other activities to celebrate the event, Ruth had planned a couple of hikes for the time that we were there. One day we did a nice trail along a ridge that overlooked the Applegate Valley.

Ruth and Dot leading the way.
View from Applegate Ridge.

Another day was a Medford classic, one of the two Table Rock mesas that are north of the city. Our friend from Roseburg drove down for the day to join us.

There are 2 Table Rock mesas north of Medford. This is the one we hiked up.
Joe, Ruth and me on the Table Rock hike.
Ruth and Joe on the trail across the top of Table Rock.
View of South Medford from Table Rock. Mount Mcloughin is hidden in the clouds.
Fields of flowers on the top of Table Rock.

The last day that we were there we got a tour of Green Mountain Woodworks, the company where Aaron works.

Aaron explaining some of the processes that go into making the products sold by Green Mountain.

At the end of June we were thrilled that our favorite Celadon truck had a route that would be passing through Albuquerque with enough time for a lunch stop. Nathan was able to travel with Mike for part of the summer, which meant we would be able to see both of them. We extended the time spent with them by meeting up on their route through Gallup and again on the day of downtime that they had in Phoenix after the load was delivered.

Welcoming Nathan, Suzie and Mike to Albuquerque.
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