Four by Four

Four hikes in four days is my idea of how to make the most of a winter getaway to a warmer climate.  Not that Albuquerque isn’t a relatively warm place in winter, but it can’t compare to Phoenix, Arizona, when it comes to January temperatures.  And there are actually some winter rains in southern Arizona, making it more green than what we see this time of year in Albuquerque.

Our first hike on Sunday was near Sunflower, Arizona, starting at the Bushnell Tanks trailhead just off Highway 87 halfway between Payson and Phoenix. The trailhead is one of the access points to the Arizona Trail. We did a loop hike that started on an old dirt road along Sycamore Creek before ascending up to meet the Arizona Trail. We were pleasantly surprised to encounter running water in a creek that had enough flow to make for a couple of tricky stream crossings–certainly not something we would see around Albuquerque.

Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Preserve was the location for our Monday hike. Since it was a holiday weekend the visitor’s center was quite crowded. A very helpful volunteer loaded us down with maps and enthusiastic recommendations for hiking trails that soon led us up and away from the crowds. These hillsides had plenty of the quintessential Sonoran desert cactus– giant Saguaros that you don’t get to see anywhere but Arizona.

Tuesday’s hike was our favorite of the four. And it was the only one that required a 10 mile drive down a rough dirt road, instead of just Phoenix streets and highways that got us to the other hikes. But, I suppose, driving on rough dirt roads is one of the requirements for getting to the best hiking destinations. That certainly seems to be the case in New Mexico. And it was the steepest climb of the four, too, which is obviously a requirement for getting the best views. We were in the Superstition Mountains on the Peralta Trail and not only were there great views but there were also green areas along the creek up the canyon surrounded by looming boulders and cliffs of volcanic rock. The turnaround point was at Fremont Saddle which provided a view of Weaver’s Needle, an eroded column of volcanic rock.

South Mountain Regional Park, managed by the city of Phoenix, is the largest municipal park in the country. It was a fitting end to our four days in Phoenix. After a mile of climbing up with a 700 foot elevation gain we were able to enjoy numerous views of the sprawling, busy Phoenix metro area spread out below while we meandered up and down the rocky hillsides on the trails that were being enjoyed by mountain bikers, as well as hikers.

We have still only scratched the surface of all the hiking opportunities in the Phoenix area. Since it’s only a day’s drive from Albuquerque, I’m sure we will be back again to enjoy more time in the warm sunny climate of the Sonoran Desert.

Author: bjregan

Enjoying retirement activities. Main goals for retirement are to stay spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

3 thoughts on “Four by Four”

  1. Great photos and great write up, Barbara. I’m pretty sure Ruth and I hiked in the same are in Scottsdale, in addition to the Superstition Mountains (different trail for sure though). I was amazed how many people were hiking in the Sonora Preserve. It’s a lot more crowded than our relatively unpopulated trails we’re used to. Thanks for thinking of me with the mtb photo!! I’ve stayed away from South Mountain simply because I thought it would be too crowded but we may have to give it a shot next time. You know, if you guys moved to Arizona it would make our vacation choices a lot easier! Although, the food in Albuquerque wins hands down. 😁

    1. As you know, pulling up stakes and moving after you’ve been in one place for a number of years is not an easy task! I would love to live in Arizona. One of the benefits I always rave about in March and in November is that Arizona does not change to Daylight Savings Time. 😁

      1. The fact that AZ doesn’t change their clocks is a nice benefit. It’s certainly difficult to relocate. I think you guys have it pretty good in NM so I would choose either if I could!

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