CDT Social Distancing

New Mexico’s share of the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) passes through many desolate and deserted landscapes.  It’s an ideal place to practice COVID Death Trap (CDT) social distancing.

On the 7.5 mile hike we did today we saw a couple of cows but not a single human being.  I don’t think New Mexico cows are COVID carriers but they were more than happy to give us a wide berth, anyway.

We were on the CDT itself only for the last couple of miles.  The majority of the hike went through a badlands area called the La Lena Wilderness Study Area. Until we got to the CDT section there was no marked trail.  Instead,  we were following a GPS track downloaded from the Albuquerque Senior Center Hiking Groups website to a tracking app on my phone.  We found ourselves wandering off track a couple of times but quickly got back to where we needed to be.

In this type of terrain a GPS track is pretty much just a suggestion, anyway.  There are multiple ways to wander around the mesas and eroded rock formations, gaping up at the endlessly interesting shapes silhouetted against the bright New Mexico sky.

CDT markers out here aren’t fancy.
Carved on a rocky cliff face.
Ugly face. A COVID threat?
Cabezon Peak in the distance

Thank you, New Mexico, for providing such a pleasurable day and location to practice social distancing.

Author: bjregan

Enjoying retirement activities. Main goals for retirement are to stay spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

One thought on “CDT Social Distancing”

  1. Excellent job of social distancing! I love the wide open spaces. I hiked Pima Canyon last weekend with a friend (6 ft apart) and it was great but lots of other hikers had the same idea.

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