Rio en Medio – Aspen Ranch to Ski Area

PDSC – Tuesday Hike Report
Rio en Medio – Aspen Ranch to Ski Area – Sangre De Cristos
Tuesday, 08/27/13

Rating C
Hike Miles 5.0
Elevation Gain 1156
Hike Time 3:30
Report Fourteen hikers set out from Palo Duro to hike along the upper part of the Rio en Medio trail from the Aspen Ranch trailhead. After our driver negotiated a ‘gnarly’ 4 mi dirt road and we had climbed a little hill and back down, we hiked to the sights and sound of the gurgling, cascading Rio en Medio. There were green forests, green meadows, wildflowers, a small snake, and chipmunks. A hummingbird even buzzed one of the hiker’s packs. Several of us got a chance to taste a thimbleberry. We went as far as the intersection with the Winsor Trail for lunch. While we were eating, two huskies with bells on their collars came bounding by, followed by two tiny black dogs on leashes. Fortunately, the dark clouds dissipated and there wasn’t any rain. After huffing and puffing up the hill that didn’t seem so little the second time around, we reached the trailhead and started back. Everybody applauded when the van reached the pavement of Hwy 475. We got back to the center just after 4 PM.

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