Simple Scarf

Simple Knitted Scarf


This scarf was made with one 6 oz (106 yards) skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease “Thick & Quick” Yarn, using a pair of Size 13 knitting needles.  There are 3 parts to the instructions below:

  1. How to cast on 13 stitches (5 steps).
  2. How to knit the scarf (4 steps).
  3. How to cast off the finished scarf (4 steps).

1. To Cast On 13 stitches:

Step 1:

Make a slip knot and thread a needle through the loop. Hold that needle in your left hand.

Step 2:

Slip the tip of the other needle in the front part of the loop, pushing away from you. The right needle should be behind the left.

Step 3:

Take the length of yarn from the skein and wrap around the right-hand needle, letting the yarn rest between the two needles.

Step 4:

Move right needle down, and catch the yarn length onto the needle, creating a stitch.

Step 5:

To continue casting on, slip the new stitch onto the left needle. You now have two stitches cast on. Cast on 11 more for a total of 13.

2. To knit the scarf:

Step 1:

Hold the needle cast with the 13 stitches in your left hand. Slip the right needle through the first stitch, pushing away from you.

Step 2:

Wrap yarn around the right needle.

Step 3:

Catch that strand of yarn with the right needle and pull it through. The new stitch will be on the right needle.

Step 4:

Continue knitting through the skein of yarn. When finished, the length should be about 3 feet.

3. To Cast Off the Finished Scarf:

Step 1:

Cast off when the scarf is at its desired length.

Step 2:

Knit two stitches onto the right needle.

Step 3:

Pull the first stitch over the second and off the needle. Knit a new stitch onto the right needle, then pull the old stitch over the new stitch.

Step 4:

When you reach the last stitch, slip it off the needle and thread the yarn through; pull to form a knot.

NOTE:  This scarf pattern was originally published in the January 6, 2006, issue of the Washington Post.  The author was Hetty Lipscomb.

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