Here Comes the Sun

Winter days with their minimal number of daylight hours leave me craving warmth and sunshine more than ever. It’s especially difficult when it’s time for my morning jog and the thermometer reads well below freezing. But once I overcome my body’s resistance to get out and get moving there is generally some rewarding encounter that you won’t find any other time of the day. This morning that encounter was the opportunity to track the progress of sunrise in the mountains to the east as I made my way through the bosque.

We are rewarded with colorful sunrises on the days when there is some cloud cover. A storm system was moving our way which meant I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sun’s warmth as it made its way over the mountain. It was definitely anticlimactic once the sun got here. Of course, by that time my loop through the bosque was complete and the viewpoint wasn’t the same. There’s always the warmth of breakfast to look forward to!

Author: bjregan

Enjoying retirement activities. Main goals for retirement are to stay spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

3 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun”

  1. Like you, I’m almost always at least awake if not out and about when the sun rises. You’re absolutely correct about how it can be a little anticlimactic when it finally pops all the way up. Nevertheless, a sunrise never ceases to give me the feeling that it’s another chance to live life to its fullest and thank God for giving me another day to do that! Thanks for the pics!

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