Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

There are 9 days to attend the morning launch of balloons during Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. It’s always a gamble to outguess the weather on a particular day and be there when conditions allow the balloons to get airborne. This year’s fiesta week has been the best weather we have experienced so far in our times of attending.

We were there Saturday for the mass ascension on opening day and then again today for Special Shapes Rodeo. Although the balloons were able to launch on Saturday, the effect of hundreds of balloons overhead wasn’t evident like it was today. Balloonists enjoy Albuquerque’s weather because of a “box” effect where the wind takes the balloon up in one direction and then at a certain level the wind will catch it and blow it back in the opposite direction. Saturday it was just a straight wind and the balloons quickly passed into the distance. Today many of them went up in one direction and then we saw them float back towards us again, even sometimes landing back on the field again an hour or two after they had launched.

I’ve always enjoyed seeing the balloons, but didn’t think too much about riding in one. This year my imagination has been captured and next year I’m planning on being up there in the air in one of those awesome, huffing, colorful, floating airships.

Some of the photos I took.

Lee has a better camera and his special shapes are closeups.

Author: bjregan

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