Flailing and Fighting Fifty


The thermometer did reach the promised 100 degree mark before we reached the finish line, but it wasn’t the temperature that had us flailing and fighting our way along the 50-mile loop.  It was the dreaded headwinds that faced us on the second half when our route made the turn southwards.  Unfortunately, the direction of the loop had us enjoying tailwinds in the early part of the ride, knowing that for each mile we were pedaling north of town we would have to face south winds coming back.  And, of course, the winds get stronger as the day progresses.

But we pushed onwards, taking advantage of every rest stop to get shade, food and water.  It wasn’t exactly record time and not worthy of the praises due the many riders who pedaled the full 100 miles.  But at the finish line everyone gets the medal, no questions asked about time or distance.


It was a long wait at the starting line because the 100-milers get to go first.


One of the stops was on Sheppard Air Force Base.



Author: bjregan

Enjoying retirement activities. Main goals for retirement are to stay spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

One thought on “Flailing and Fighting Fifty”

  1. Congratulations Lee and Barbara. I can attest to both the wind and heat in Wichita Falls. My Dad grew up near there and we used to go visit my Grandmother there during the summertime. Glad you safely completed the 50 miles. Blessings! Rick Bryan

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