We’ve made several trips this year, but July 17 we will start a month-long trek to visit friends and family across the country, as well as to take part in RAGBRAI.

We begin by driving the 600+ miles to Torrington, Wyoming, to visit Sande.

On July 19 we will leave Torrington and drive across Nebraska, camping for one night somewhere in Nebraska.  Then on July 20 we will drive to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where we will join the thousands of people who will be gathering for the start of RAGBRAI.

RAGBRAI begins on Sunday, July 21, and ends on Saturday, July 27.  I will be riding my bicycle and Lee will be driving the car.

The RAGBRAI route for 2013, shorter than most years, but I’m sure it will be just as much fun.


After the week of RAGBRAI we continue traveling east.  Our goal will be Bowling Green, Ohio.  The last day of RAGBRAI is July 27 and the ending town is Fort Madison, Iowa.  We will probably arrive in Bowling Green on July 29.

In The Air

For this part of our travels we will be flying, rather than driving or riding bikes.  We have a flight July 30 from Detroit, Michigan, to Albany, New York.  When we arrive in Albany we will rent a car and drive to Saratoga Springs, New York, to visit Lee’s mother.  On August 2 we fly to Detroit and make our way back to Bowling Green.

On The Road Again

After spending several days, August 2-8, visiting with family in Bowling Green, Ohio, it will be time to get on the road again and head back to the southwest.  Instead of going the same way back we will take a slight detour down to Texas to visit family in Justin, Texas. We plan to be in Justin August 12 and 13, and maybe the 14th.

We need to be back in Albuquerque on August 15.  We have done the drive from Justin to Albuquerque before and can do it in one day, so we could leave Justin early on August 14 and be back in time.  So there you have it, our exciting month of travel, some dates and routes approximate and some dates that we have to make for sure.  We’re looking forward to it and will post more details as the trip progresses.

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