April Fools

No bike riding today!

With the arrival of April, we thought our travels in the southeast and southwest had enabled us to escape winter snows. Not so, as we found out this morning in Albuquerque. After listening to a steady rain all through the night, we were greeted at first light this morning with the sight of big, white snowflakes coming down outside our motel window. We haven’t seen this much snow since last winter in northern Virginia.

The moisture will be good for the desert, though, and all indications are that we will be back to warm, sunny weather in a couple of days.

It was amazing how quickly the weather changed. We had enjoyed warmer than usual temperatures over the weekend, close to 80 degrees on Sunday. That night the winds blew in the storm system and the highs yesterday were only in the 50’s. The clouds gathered over the mountains yesterday afternoon and before everything was shrouded in gray we could see the snow up on the mountains. When the clouds clear again I’m sure there will be a lot of white up there.

Our stay in Albuquerque ends on Thursday when we plan to head back down to the southern part of the state and make our way into Arizona.
Check out the photos of a hike on the Embudito Trail, a hike on the Three Gun Springs Trail and some Albuquerque sights.

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