Frigid, Arctic Air, Begone

Whew, I’m sure glad the cold front that brought freezing temperatures as far south as Florida is on its way out of here. The above picture was taken this afternoon in front of a fountain in Rome, Georgia. I bet there aren’t too many times when that fountain has ice in it.

By the time we had stopped in Rome for sightseeing the day had finally warmed up to 50 degrees. That was 15 degrees warmer than yesterday’s high. Monday when we were in Tennessee and looked at the weather forecasts we knew it wouldn’t do any good to hurry up and go south because the cold air was everywhere south. Not weather for walking around and certainly not weather for bike riding.

We did take a short walk today through the Chickamauga Battlefield after watching the educational video at the visitor’s center.

Because of the cold weather the last couple of days have been mostly cruising through Tennessee and Georgia seeing the sights from the warmth of our car. Having bright sunshine helps, too. Tonight we are in Lagrange, Georgia, about 60 miles southwest of Atlanta. We are hoping that tomorrow will be warm enough to ride our bikes. There is a bike path in Columbus, Georgia, about an hour south of here that sounds like a fun ride.

After that we should still have enough of the day left to get to Florida. Warmer weather, here we come.

Author: bjregan

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