A Warm Welcome In Frost, WV

Our welcome to Frost, WV, was by no means frosty.  It’s not an easy drive to get there, especially if you’re like me and tend to get car sick on winding mountain roads.  And if you are looking for any stores, gas stations or rest stops in Frost you won’t find them.  We were looking, however, for Mort and Kelly’s house and found a very warm greeting when we got there.

The driveway to the house is immediately after the “Frost Unincorporated” sign.  The edge of the property is apparently the eastern boundary of Frost.  The western boundary of Frost is probably less than a mile further down the road.  The only buildings in between are the volunteer fire department, a Methodist church and a couple of other houses.  It’s really small town living in Frost.

Mort and Kelly’s house in Frost with Pearce greeting us at the front door.
View from Mort and Kelly’s back yard.
Playing ball
Pearce playing ball with Grandpa.
Pearce playing cards with Grandpa.
Guy is an expert pogo jumper–he can do over 100 continuous jumps.
Bike riding on the Greenbriar Trail.

Not only were we warmly welcomed by family in Frost, but the weather was also warm and sunny the days that we were there.  The northern terminus of the Greenbriar River Trail is very close to Frost, as is Seneca State Forest.  We enjoyed biking a few miles on the trail and driving through some back mountain roads in the state forest.

Also very close to Frost, in fact, so close that we walked to it one morning, is the interesting facility called Mountain Quest.  It is an inn and conference center, which didn’t happen to have any guests the day that we were there.  The innkeeper allowed us look around the inn, library (very extensive) and guest rooms.

The closest town of any size to Frost is the county seat, Marlinton.  We took the opportunity one morning to drive into Marlinton and enjoyed a delicious sandwich at the Dirtbean, a combination cafe, bike shop and wellness facility.  In spite of being the county seat, Marlinton is also a small town, less than 2,000 population.

After biding farewell this morning to our hosts in Frost we wound our way through the West Virginia mountains again, this time heading towards the Tennessee border.  Before stopping for the night we made it as far as Knoxville, TN, where we are relaxing in a motel.  Tomorrow brings new adventures in eastern Tennessee.

Hellos and Goodbyes

Hello again to our storage container and goodbye (for now) to the faithful bicycle that carried me for so many miles this summer in Iowa.

One of the tasks we accomplished in our 5-day day stopover in Virginia was to gain access to our storage container so that we could offload one of 3 bicycles we have been carrying on the back of the car ever since we left Iowa.  It was a strange feeling to look inside the container and see the household goods we had put there way back in December.  One file cabinet drawer had come loose, but, other than that, everything was just as we had left it.  And when we resettle somewhere and call for the container to be delivered I expect that we will find everything just as we left it.  Closing the door and saying goodbye to “stuff” is not a big deal.

It was much more difficult to say hello and goodbye to the many friends that we reconnected with this week.  When you are wandering around the country it’s easy to get distracted and not pay as much attention as you should to keeping in touch with friends.  With a limited number of days here we didn’t see everyone, but we were blessed tremendously by each and every one of the friends we did see.

We are especially grateful to Brian and Darlene for having us over for a cookout, to Greg and Wayne for keeping our mail for us, to Eva for letting us crash at her place and to Matt and Veronica for putting us up at their beautiful country home in Culpeper.  And then our friends at church and Liz and Alex and the group at their home were so welcoming and made us feel that we hadn’t left here at all.

But now there are other places yet to visit and it’s time to say goodbye once again to Virginia.  Tomorrow’s travels will take us to West Virginia where we will see our 2 grandsons and check out the family’s new digs in Marlinton.